Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule

Period 1 – 7:45 to 8:55 a.m.
Period 2 – 8:55 to 10 a.m.
Period 3 – 10 to 11 a.m.  (30-minute lunch)

Period 4 – 11:30 a.m. to 12:50 p.m.
Period 5 – 12:50 to 2:15 p.m.

This handbook is designed to highlight the basic rules/procedures at Waconia Learning Center. Please see the Waconia High School Handbook for additional and specific district policies.

Alternative Schedules (2-Hour Late Start, School Closing, or Early Dismissal)

When severe weather or other conditions cause a late start, school to be closed, or an early dismissal, students and parents/guardians will be advised through radio stations WCCO (830 AM), KDUZ (1260 AM), KKCM (1530 AM), KARE-TV, WCCO-TV, and KSTP-TV. Parents/guardians are expected to use their judgment in sending students to school on stormy days. Listen to WCCO/KDUZ/KKCM/KARE-TV or check the District website at www.waconia.k12.mn.us, or call the School Closing Hotline (weather-related only) at (952) 442-0640.

Infinite Campus

WLC uses Infinite Campus. Students and parents will want to open an account in order to access:

  • Attendance Information
  • Schedules
  • Report Cards
  • Transcripts

Parents/Guardians: request a portal account at ???????

username: firstnamelastname
password: id (lunch) #

Open Lunch

Open lunch is available to students over the age of 16 with parent permission. Open lunch is a privilege and at any time may be taken away based on student behavior. If open lunch is removed, students will be required to remain in the building. Failure to do so will be considered insubordination and will be discipline accordingly.

Credit Cycle

Unlike a traditional high school where credits are earned at the end of a calendar grading period, students at WLC will earn credits based on academic hours, where 60 classroom hours equal 1 semester credit. This is called a credit cycle (approximately every 10 days.)

Last Day of Credit Cycle

WLC is open regular hours, but it is structured differently in order to meet individual student needs:

  • Make-up time for absences during the credit cycle
  • One-on-one academic help
  • Update and revisit goals and objectives of individual continual learning plans
  • Conference with staff members
  • For students who have had perfect attendance for the credit cycle, are academically up-to-date in all classes, and have complied with the conditions of his/her behavior contract, attendance is optional.
  • Motivated students who wish to attend for further credit are encouraged to do so!

Report Cards

Report cards are available online. Report cards are not mailed to students unless requested in writing. Report cards are produced on a computer form and include such information as grades, comments, classes attempted, and number of days absent and/or times tardy. All student information can be accessed via Infinite Campus.


All students are expected to attend WLC full time from 7:45 a.m. – 2:15 p.m.

Absence Reporting
Parents are required to call (952) 442-0689 to report any absences for the full day or for appointments during the day. Planned absences must be approved in advance. Calls by parents should be made the morning of an absence. If no notification is given the day of, or the day after an absence, the absence will be considered unexcused.

Attendance will be taken hourly and recorded on Infinite Campus. This is the most up-to-date attendance record available. WLC relies heavily on parent/guardian help. Our clerical services are limited and thus daily attendance phone calls home will not be made. Please check your Infinite Campus account regularly to monitor student attendance.

Penalties and Consequences for Exceeding Absence Limits
Credits are earned on an hourly basis. Therefore, student attendance is vital to student success. Students missing regular school hours will be required to make up lost hours at the end of the credit cycle and/or after normal school hours in order to obtain credit.

School begins at 7:45 a.m. Students arriving between 7:45 and 7:55 a.m. will be considered tardy. Three tardies equals an unexcused absence. Students arriving after 8:05 a.m. will be considered absent for the entire day. Students arriving late to class after lunch will also be considered unexcused for the rest of the day. Students/parents are encouraged to call should a student be running late.

If a student receives seven unexcused absences during the year, truancy will be filed in the county in which they reside.

School Discipline Guidelines

Good behavior is necessary to provide a successful educational environment. Waconia Learning Center students are expected to demonstrate appropriate behavior.

The following information is intended to supplement the Board of Education policy on discipline:

Expected Behavior

To help ensure an appropriate educational environment, WLC students are expected to:

  • Be in class on time.
  • Be prepared for class.
  • Bring all required materials to class.
  • Be attentive to classroom activities.
  • Make an effort to be successful.
  • Participate in classroom activities.
  • Show respect for teachers, other students, and school property by not engaging in activities that disturb the class or school environment.
  • Follow the directions of teachers or supervisors. Insubordination or the refusal to follow the directions of a teacher or supervisor is considered serious and may result in detention or suspension from class or school.
  • Help keep classrooms and school neat and clean.
  • Take care of school property.

Students who demonstrate behavior that disturbs the educational process will be removed from class and referred to the principal for disciplinary action.


Harassment is participating in acts or statements that willfully injure, degrade, or disgrace other individuals. Students involved with harassment will be subject to a conference with a principal and/or a parent conference with a principal. A pattern of harassment will lead to suspension, or further disciplinary action for any student involved.


Gambling, in any form, is not permitted in the school or on school property.

Cell Phones and Headphones

The use of cell phones is not permitted to interfere with the educational process. Therefore, students are not permitted to use cell phones during class time. Student use of cell phones between classes and during lunch is acceptable.

If a student has a phone out during the day or if it goes off during class, the student will be required to turn it in to school staff, where it will be kept for the day. Second-time offenders will forfeit phones for two days. Repeated violations will be considered insubordination and will be dealt with accordingly.


  1. A student who threatens another student or staff person with bodily harm, without material physical contact, will require a parent/guardian conference and will be subject up to a three-day suspension.
  2. A student who threatens another student or staff person with bodily harm, while in possession of a weapon, or a student involved with an assault with a weapon, will be dealt with under the provisions of the Weapons Policy.
  3. A student who is involved in a direct attack on another person will be initially suspended up to five days, will require a parent/guardian conference, will be referred to Carver County authorities for assault, and may be recommended to the School Board for expulsion. If a recommendation for expulsion is not made, a behavioral contract will be designed with strict guidelines and consequences, which could include additional suspensions, out-of-school placement, counseling, or expulsion.
  4. Students who mutually engage in fighting will be suspended up to three days, be referred to Carver County authorities, and will require a parent/guardian conference prior to readmission. A second offense will result in a five-day suspension and a referral to an alternative program. Fighting shall be characterized by a violent, aggressive behavior by two or more individuals, with the intent of inflicting physical harm upon one another, and differentiated from "poking, pushing, shoving, or scuffling."


All employees of Waconia Learning Center have the responsibility and obligation to enforce school regulations. Students have the obligation to do as requested.

Insubordination is the willful defiance or ignoring by a student of a reasonable order or request of any school employee. It is a serious type of disobedience that can cause the breakdown of the learning environment. Insubordination is also involved when a student directly attacks a staff member or employee, either physically or with words through swearing or obscene language or gestures.

A student referred for insubordination will be subject to a conference with the principal, parent/guardian conference, and suspension, depending upon the severity of the incident. A pattern of insubordination is grounds for removal.

Student Dress

The appearance of any young person is primarily the responsibility of that individual and his/her parents/guardians. We expect good taste and discretion to be used in order to keep the school environment purposeful, practical, and meaningful. Shoes must be worn at all times. The school does not allow bare feet, offensive T-shirts (includes, but is not limited to, swear words, sexual inferences, alcohol and tobacco advertising, and demeaning phrases), or other faddish clothing that may be disruptive to the conduct of school business. Students may be sent home for improper or immodest dress, at the discretion of the coordinator/lead teacher.

Students who choose to wear hats/caps/bandannas must remove them upon entering the school building. Hats/caps/bandannas are not allowed in the school building during school operating hours (7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.).

Students Outside

Students are not allowed outside of the building without permission during the school day. Students who violate this rule will be referred to the principal's office for disciplinary action.


Cursing, swearing, profanity, and vulgar and offensive language is not appropriate to the school setting. Students need to be particularly aware of their use of sexually suggestive language. Offenders may be referred to the principal's office for discipline.

Public Display of Affection

Undue public display of affection is not consistent with the learning environment maintained in the school. As a school, we reserve the right to insist that students refrain from kissing, petting, embracing, or any other sexual touching while in the school or on the school grounds.

Student Use and/or Tobacco Possession

Student use and/or possession of tobacco in any form, including snuff, is not permitted on any school property, on buses, or at any school event, home or away. Students are not allowed at any time to sit in cars and smoke on school property. This “no smoking” policy is in effect before, during, and after regular school hours. Students reported for smoking or chewing will be penalized according to the following procedure:

First Offense:
Student will be suspended out of school for one day, with student receiving no credit hours for the day.

Second Offense:
Student will be suspended out of school for two days, with student receiving no credit hours for the days.

Repeated Offenses Beyond the Second:
Student will be suspended out of school for three days.

Students who continually break this policy will be considered insubordinate and may be recommended to the School Board for expulsion. All students found in violation of this policy will also be referred to Carver County law enforcement.

Drug and Alcohol Violations

Waconia Public Schools state the use of illicit drugs and the unlawful possession and use of alcohol is wrong and harmful. Possession or use of alcoholic beverages, paraphernalia, and/or illegal drugs is prohibited on school premises, school buses, school-sponsored activities, or while representing the school in any way.

A student found to have an alcoholic beverage in their possession or be under the influence in school, or at a school-sponsored function, whether on or off school grounds, will be suspended up to three days, be referred to Carver County authorities, and will require a parent/guardian conference prior to readmission.

A student found in possession of mood-altering chemicals, paraphernalia, or drugs, or to be under the influence of mood-altering chemicals or drugs in school or at a school-sponsored function, whether on or off school grounds, will be suspended up to three days, be referred to Carver County authorities, and will require a parent/guardian conference prior to readmission.

A student discovered selling, or possessing with the intent to distribute, mood-altering chemicals or drugs will be suspended up to five days and referred to Carver County authorities. During the suspension, school officials will meet to discuss possible alternatives.

Students will be referred to the District chemical counselor for chemical issue follow-up if the school receives a Chemical Violation report from a state, county, or local law enforcement agency.